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About the club

Motto: endeavors to host regular motorsport events, family events and social events in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

History: was started on the 27th of November 2004. The club was started as result of some local Toyota enthusiasts who felt the other 'National' Toyota groups and forums didnít accommodate them. Jordan Allen was the clubs first club president, and was a major factor in the clubs growth.

The club hosted its first major event when it hosted (what was supposed to be) the only showing of the cult hit 'Initial D' in Adelaide, however after a sell out showing, with all 420 seats filled, the club was officially launched. The club then used those funds to get CAMs affiliated, always with the goal of getting more motorsport based and orientated.

In 2006 the club was able to use that CAMs insurance to help, and finally to take over, the only Toyota car show in Adelaide 'ToyoShow'. In Easter of 2006, several of the members made the trek over to the 'Toyota Nationals', which would be such a hit that it would be cemented as 'the event' on the clubs calendar for many years to come.

In 2007 the club held the first 'ToyotaCarClub Poker Run', which would involve Poker, playgrounds, bakeries, coffee, go karting and beers - no better way to spend a day! The poker run was the clubs first charity based event with half the proceeds going to the charity account. The Annual General Meeting saw the changing of the guard, with Jordan being voted out in favor of Brian Slater, who was noted in the club for the work done with ToyoShow.

In 2008 held it's first CAMs motorsport event, a motorkhana. Although used primarily as a practice event the motorkhana proved that the club could host and run a successful and safe event; which was handy for the 2008 Toyota Nationals where hosted the motorkhana for 32 hot Toyotas with many more spectators.

Dominic Smart was voted in unopposed after Brian Slater did not stand for reelection in the 2008 AGM.


We look to improve and expand the club, to include more events; more motorsport and more social. We have several members that are working to improve CAMs licensing to be able to host our own events and have a full social calendar including; BBQs, Dyno Days, Cruises, Photo Shoots, ToyoShow, Poker Run, Treasure Hunt, Go Karting Championship and MORE!

The 2009-2010 Committee:

President:Dominic Smart
Vice President:Ian Matlby
Treasurer:Pat Slater
Secretary:Megan Skipworth
Motorsport Event Coordinator:Dominic Smart
Membership/Public Relations Coordinator:Andrew Colliver
Toyoshow Coordinator:Brian Slater


Full membership is $40 for a year, $30 after December (as the memberships are renewed in July).
Membership for $40 does get voting rights within the club and a membership card for the club benifits at various sponsors and events.
Membership is NOT limited to those that own a Toyota, but it does help to be an enthusiast at least.