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Club Membership is not only an online forum, but an acting financial membership based CAMS affiliated car club.
We are happy to provide free access to our forums to any Toyota enthusiast in order increase the body of information available from our club site.
In addition to free website membership, offers several paid memberships that provide numerous benefits.

There are two levels of paid membership available for the club. There is no requirement to own a Toyota to become a member of the club,
but obviously an interest in Toyotas would get you more benefit from your membership.
Subscriptions run according to financial year and they fall due or expire on the last day of July each year.

Full Membership

Provides access to the members private forum, a club membership card, access to any club discounts, full voting rites in the club allowing you to
have a say in how the club is run and the events it organises, as well association with CAMS allowing you to hold a CAMS competitors licence for
competing in CAMS motorsport events.
The cost of full membership is currently $40 per year. Half yearly memberships are offered from Janurary each year at a cost of $30.
If you are considering joining the club near renewal time (after May 01), the full year fee will be charged ($40), however membership will carried
forward into the following year at no extra cost.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is designed for members with multiple family members that may wish to join the club.
An associate membership can only be purchased in association with an existing full membership residing at the same address.
To help promote family involvement in the club, associate memberships can be purchased at a reduced cost of $20 (fixed cost carries forward if taken
out after 01 May). An associate member has all the same rights as a full member, excluding that they cannot vote at club meetings and they may not be
elegible for full member discounts at some club events.


To join the club, fill out a membership form, and return it to the club along with payment for your application.
Payments can either be made in person at a club meeting (held monthly at Shannons on South Road check the events calander for dates),
by cheque / money order, or by direct deposit into the club account.
Be sure if using direct deposit to first contact the club Treasurer to advise you will be making payment, and provide a description that will make your
payment more obvious and easier to located.
On recieving your application and payment, you will be entitled to an honorary club membership until the following club meeting where your application
will be considered. If an application is not accepted at the next club meeting, any funds collected in association with the application will be
returned to the applicant.

If you are considering membership, why not come along to one of the club meetings to meet up with some of the other members in the club.
Meetings are usually a relaxed affair, and prospective members are always welcome.

Membership Forms

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Adobe PDFAdobe PDF

Club Constitution

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