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ToyoShow 2011

ToyoShow 2011

April 29th - Supercruise
April 30th - Motorkhana
May 1st - Show and Shine

Entry form is here; for more details.

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Exhumed 2 Days 1JZ A70 Supra
Brembo rears for it arrived today and will hopefully end up on sometime before Oct 10th, they need some pins/clips/spring, paint & new brembo logos but are otherwise fine. They were so cheap i thought price was per caliper... turns out it was per pair so I have an extra pair of these now, might buy an extra set of STI rotors and have them all machined out at once then sell the second set as a bolt on evo9 brembo rear kit for an a70/z20 rear.
Final specs for brakes therefore are:
Front: R33 GTR 4 pot Front Calipers w/ 324mm 2 piece DBA5000 rotors.
Rear: Evo9 Brembo Calipers w/ 319mm DBA4000 2004-2008 STI rotors.
Hopefully will bring it to a stop at the end of the back straight.......
DSMAZDAGTR 3 Days 1JZ A70 Supra
Love the flames popping out the turbine housing.... :P....
DSMAZDAGTR 3 Days Fantastic Viewing..
Awesome video on the birth of a F1 turbo engine...
Oddyssey 5 Days 1JZ A70 Supra
Maaaaaaaaad. Sounds like it's got testes. Big, meaty ones.....
Exhumed 6 Days 1JZ A70 Supra
Update from last week:
Being put back together gradually, was still lots to do at this point:

Youtube vid from last week of its first start in a while.. it ran, kinda... on a few less than 6 cyls at this stage - all sorted and running much better now though  :)

Will try grab some more pics/video this weekend before I drive it to Fours N More for tuning on Monday with any luck. I've driven it once to get fuel as so.. should make it. Once its done there will be working to get it all ready for the track on the 10th Oct.....
DSMAZDAGTR 6 Days Track Day at Mallala
I miss my familia... >:(....
Ian 8 Days Club Meeting - 22 Aug 2011 - AGM
Thanks to all who turned out last night.

We now have a shiny new committee, details to come shortly.....
Gullwing 9 Days Club Meeting - 22 Aug 2011 - AGM
Reminder that the meeting is tonight.

See you there :)....
levin_ae92 9 Days Club Meeting - 22 Aug 2011 - AGM
I'll be there....
Damian 9 Days Track Day at Mallala

Had someone email me late last night, so the last spot is taken.

BUT, there *may* be one more open up depending on one guys work at Roxby.
Happy to put people down on a reserves list

our crash at ROSA - last 30 seconds

now the motor is out can see how badly bent the front end is.