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Christmas gathering

Club Christmas Lunch is at the Earl of Leicester this year, 3rd of December at 12:30PM

Come along for a catch up and some good food and tackle the schnitzel if you're keen, family/friends welcome too, feel free to post here so I can get a rough indication of numbers...

Look forward to seeing you all there

TCC President

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DSMAZDAGTR 18 Hours What's going on with turbos?
Even Holden is selling a turbo now... :P....
LadyBalin 1 Days WEBSITE
hello there....
Exhumed 2 Days What's going on with turbos?
Key word there is "coming out of Japan", there's still plenty there but we never see them, hell when I was there every second car seemed to be Turbo'd - just none of the turbo models are being imported here/sold domestically. Plenty of Turbo K cars on the roads there.
If our import laws were a bit nicer to deal with I'm sure we'd be seeing more of the newer ones over here as grey imports but our government wont have it unfortunately.
I think the Euro's have just realized that the Jap's were onto a good thing.......
zjgkfcntl 3 Days Ellie jong il's high-class gear: Rr evaluate Mores
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Ian 3 Days What's going on with turbos?

That's just 3 off the top of my head. Plenty of turbs coming out of Japan, just different philosophies (ie performance vs efficiency).....
DSMAZDAGTR 4 Days What's going on with turbos?
Does anyone have any idea why the japanese seem to have suddenly stopped doing turbos, but the Europeans are now all over them??

Look back a little more than a decade, and there were turbo everythings coming out of Japan. From my understanding, they were all killed off and the reasoning I remember reading was that they were not able to make turbocharged engines meet next gen Euro emission targets, and we'd be unlikely to see them returning in the near future..

But, now, everything coming out of Europe seems to be downsized (cylinders and displacement) and turbocharged...

What's the go.. Why are there BMW, Merc, Opel, Audi, etc, etc high performance turbocharged motors, but nothing coming out of Japan anymore?....
zjgkfcntl 10 Days Decryption Western european movie stars rounded yo
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Ian 13 Days WTB Hose(from airbox to turbo) ST165 GT4 celica
You may be able to adapt something else to fit, the hose looks very similar to a VS-VY V6 commodore intake hose. Have a hunt around u-pull-it, you never know what may fit.....
st165sa 14 Days WTB Hose(from airbox to turbo) ST165 GT4 celica
As title says, looking for a ST165 GT4 hose that goes from the airbox to the turbo(circled in picture) got a crack in mine so it stuffing around with fuel etc. Toyota can still get them but pricey and a long wait..


and i cant find an aftermarket one..  any help would be greatly appreciated.
located in S.A....
brian 18 Days Club meeting - 27 February 2011
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